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This product become really handy for all the automotive users. This product is use as lubricant for I.C. Engines in vehicles. Basic function of the product is that to reduce the wear and tear on the moving parts within the engine specially. By using this product we can reduce the corrosion as well as it can cool the engine as well. The Best Buy Links provided at the ends so if you want to contribute somewhat to grow us better then you should buy this product from the provided links.


Product’s Features :-

-First We Need To Understand Engine Oil Values
-For Example 20W40, In Which
-Number 20 Indicates The Lowest Temperature At Which The Oil Would Still Be In The Required Viscous State.
-W Indicates The Winter Season
-Number 40 Indicates The Highest Temperature At Which The oil Would Still Be In The Required viscous State.
-So Pick An Oil Number According To Your Surrounding Climate
-Premium Mineral Type Engine Oil
-More Economical Than Engine Oils
-Suitable For Hot Climate
-Meet API SL Performance Standards
-This Engine Oils Runs Bike Even More Smoother Than Other Types Of Oils


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