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This product become really handy for all devotees specially and for those who are faith in GOD. This is also very useful in festival time and it’s the must needed thing in it. This product comes from the premium manufacturer ” Borosil ” so you will never going to find any quality issues whatsoever. Before you going to buy this product you must first check out the product’s features and then take your decision to buy it or not. The Best Buy Links available at the ends so if you want to help us to grow better then you should buy this product from the links provided at the ends.


Product’s Features :-

-Available in 3 types :- Small, Medium, Large
-The Product Made By Borosil so you will not find any quality issues whatsoever
-The borosilicate glass composition is used as a glass material so it will extra durable
-This product is also crack resistance
-Easy to assemble
-It’s easy to refillling oil and cleaning due to its design
-Due to the great glass quality you will get the more brighter light
-You will also get the 2 years warranty against the manufacturing defect
-You can clean the glass by using any soap and sponge
-Your all worries about to blow off the Akhand Diya is now over by using this product
-This is the best recommeneded Akhand Diya right now in the market at this price bracket
-Dimensions for the different sizes which are available
-Small :- 72 * 72 * 103 mm
-Medium :- 94 * 94 * 130 mm
-Large :- 130 * 130 * 180 mm


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